Harder Charcoal

Wholesale -Purchase Charcoal in Bulk

With 100% Natural extreme heat and long lasting power Harder Charcoal delivers superior fuel to chefs, pitmasters and enthusiasts. Harder Charcoal is available nationwide in bulk by the pallet, truck load or container. 

Harder Charcoal wins on all fronts 

-Burns hotter and longer without sparks or smoke 

-Made from one of the hardest woods called Quebracho blanco

-More cooking power by weight and volume 

-Handmade and 100% Natural, without any fillers! 

-Minimal ash content to reduce maintenance

-Keeps cooking temperature even during the cooks 

-Comes in strong, dust free and waterproof packaging 

-XL Lump Charcoal that burns HOTTER, LONGER and CLEANER 


Harder Charcoal accepts distributors and retail shops across the US. With multiple warehouses we have the ability to deliver fast and cost efficient to any location.